Our Equipment

When you hire a board, we will also be supplying you with a bag, a pump, a leash and a paddle (see images below). You will see that if you rent for six days or more, you will be loaned a buoyancy aid at no extra cost and, if you rent for 14 days or more, you will also be loaned a waterproof bag at no extra cost.

Our equipment is the top of the range and produced by the SUP brand zray (pronounced Z-ray):


The boards are extremely tough, with state of the art drop stitch construction, which means that once inflated, they feel very solid, whilst not being too hard if you slip and fall onto one whilst paddling. We check all of our boards and equipment before they go out to the customer, meaning that quality is assured.

We have a huge range of different models of board. We will try to give you something which is suitable for your weight when you hire, asking you to stipulate one of two sizes.

The two types of board available:

  1. 11 feet or under for people under 65 kg
  2. over 11 feet long for people 65 kg and over

In cases where you book several weeks in advance, we may be able to supply you with a particular model, though, of course that does depend on what we have in stock. There are plenty of great reviews about zray SUP boards available on the internet.

For the more informed paddlers amongst our customers, here is a list of some of the boards that we stock:

  • zray X1
  • zray X2
  • zray Hertz Premium
  • zray Outdoor Tuff
  • zray R1
  • zray FS7