How Payment Works

YOU FIRST REGISTER AN ACCOUNT USING THE ACCOUNT LINK ON THE HOMEPAGE. All you need is an email address and a password that you create. You input your card details, and this authorizes us to take a payment of the rental plus a small deposit of Baht 3000 per board, (DISCRETIONARY 2000 for carbon fibre paddle or Super-Efficient Pump). This is refundable upon satisfactory return of the equipment. After you have completed the rental and we get back the board and kit, we check that there is no damage, other than normal wear and tear. If everything is OK, we return your deposit at that point. That’s normally it!

If the board is not returned, picked up by the courier at the end of the rental period, as stipulated in the Terms and Conditions we may charge you for the number of days extra that you keep the board. If there is damage, we will adjudicate the damage and charge you accordingly (up to a maximum of Baht 15 000 for total loss).